At this point I think it’s no secret that I absolutely adore Palm Springs. Every year, when summer rolls around, I develop this infatuation with “desert life,” falling in love with the toasty earth tones and the natural minimalist that comes with such a seemingly barren environment. There’s a rawness to the desert, pure and unadulterated, and I find myself craving the desert sun and dry heat every year around the start of June.  As a Los Angeles native, I can confidently say that I’ve been to Palm Springs at least a dozen times since I was a kid. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – my family always found one reason or another to drive out to Palm Springs (or Las Vegas) as a low-maintenance getaway! As an adult, though… well, Palm Springs, you’re giving off some newfound vibes.


My best friend and “little sister,” Suzie, had the brilliant idea to plan and book a three day girls’ trip for just the two of us at the Ace Hotel & Pool Club the first week of June. We were both in dire need of a vacation and our pale, lifeless faces showed it. So we packed our bags, climbed into Suzie’s car and ventured out into the desert with the hopes of getting some much needed rest, sunshine and rosé. Lots and Lots of Summer Water Rosé. Because sometimes even we’re #basic.

This was our first time at the Ace out in Palm Springs. I’ve been to the Ace here in Downtown LA a handful of times, but the Pool Club had an entirely different atmosphere; there was a modesty to everything, which proved to be a refreshing change to the more glitzy and glam hotels that permeate the Los Angeles landscape. With that said, we didn’t do muuuuuch, but if you’re still curious about what we saw in our few days, well, keep scrolling!


King’s Highway (Above) : Located on site at the Ace, King’s Highway serves up a mix of options, from over-the-top club sandwiches to vegetarian and vegan-friendly tacos, all in a classic diner setting. Oh, and they have bingo night…with a show that’s not to be missed!

Reservoir (Below) : This restaurant is actually located at ARRIVE Hotel, another trendy boutique hotel I want to check out (let’s be real, thanks to Revolve’s Coachella party there earlier this year)! Reservoir’s focus is on pairing more traditional Latin cuisine with Asian influences. Thumbs up, all around.


Twin Palms (Above) : On our last day, upon checking out, we decided to take a rather short-lived self-guided architecture tour (it was so hot!). One of the standouts was “Twin Palms,” Frank Sinatra’s modern Palm Springs estate.


Ice Cream + Shop(pe) (Below) : Also located at ARRIVE Hotel, Ice Cream + Shop(pe) is part ice cream shop and part boutique. They have a yummy selection of ice cream (from what I hear since I can’t indulge in dairy) and an even better selection of kitschy, cute girly Sunnylife and Ban.do (and the like) trinkets. And we can’t forget the already Instagram-worthy #PalmSpringsIsBetter neon sign that inspired my post title!


#ThatPinkDoor (Below) : Speaking of Instagram-worthy, yup, #thatpinkdoor. That one house in Palm Springs with a door so pink and, therefore, notable, that it inspired a now-iconic hashtag. Does it get any more Palm Springs than that? We’re #basic sometimes, too, remember?