Design Communication II - Summer 2018 - Final Portfolio

Design Communication II - UCLA Extension Summer 2018 - Instructor Larry Drasin Final Portfolio

  • Course Description — This course further introduces the student to the use of line drawings as a medium for communicating design concepts. Beginning with the connections of architectural plan, section, and elevation, the course proceeds to explore the full range of constructed line drawings, including axonometric, one-point perspective, and model-making. This course uses U.S. standard basic units of length (inch, foot, yard, etc.), not the international metric system. Two conceptual design projects help develop skills in communicating design ideas.

(All work done by hand, printed & bound on bond)

Cover Art by Alex Proba of Studio Proba

Project 1 - Art Gallery - Sheets 2-4

  • Floor plan and Section-Elevation Drawings

  • Axonometric Measured Perspective Rendering

  • 1 Pt. Measured Perspective Drawing

Project 2 - 2-Story Loft Home - Sheets 5-9

  • Floor Plan (Upper & Lower)

  • RCP/Electrical Plan

  • Section-Elevation Drawings

  • Axonometric Measured Perspective Rendering

  • 2 Pt. Measured Perspective Drawing