A Case For Nesting Tables


I've been fixated on nesting tables quite a bit lately. Originally created and called the "Quarterro Table" about two centuries ago by English furniture designer Thomas Sheraton, nesting tables have since been used as beautiful yet highly functional and mobile accent pieces. Available in a variety of materials and finishes (wood, glass, acrylic, steel, leather), and packaged in sets of two, three, or even four pieces, they can be used in any style of home and in any number of ways. And hey, given that nesting tables are designed such that they can be stacked one above the other, they're also quite easy to store when you no longer need multiple pieces floating around your space! In short, they're the epitome of flexibility and versatility, and they're the type of piece you can easily get creative with! So, let's get creative and see what we can do with a set, and where!

A more editorial take on nesting tables; Image via    urdesignmag.com

A more editorial take on nesting tables; Image via urdesignmag.com

Your Living room

Let's begin with what's typically the largest and most lived-in space in one's home: the living room. Depending on the size and shape of the nesting tables you find, you can use the set as a coffee table or as a side table, or break them up and use them in a coffee table + side table configuration. It truly depends on where or how you think you'll need surface space the most.

I personally love using a set of nesting tables - preferably one rectangular in shape coupled with a square version - as a coffee table duo because I can space them out as far or as close as I need to, depending on the space I have to work with. If you have a sectional, for example, you can always use the longer or larger table in front of the couch or sofa, whereas the smaller piece can be placed off to the side, allowing the chaise section of the seating arrangement to have its own table. 

Black lacquered set of round nesting tables - so chic + minimal; Image via Pinterest

Black lacquered set of round nesting tables - so chic + minimal; Image via Pinterest

Another similar option is using your set together as a stacked side table by your couch (or accent chair, if space permits). I actually think this is the most popular or common way of using them nowadays. Anyway, if you're looking for a super easy way to achieve this, then opt for having all the tables in your set be either square or round in shape and only vary in height. And make sure they're fairly compact, unless you have a ton of space to work with next to your couch (or accent chair). 

And if those ideas make you nervous, know that you can always buy a set and then break it up, using the tables in more traditional ways, like utilizing one as a coffee table and another as a matching side table. Since nesting tables are sold in sets, they're designed to work together - both in function and in aesthetics - so you won't ever have to worry that your coffee table and side table don't match one another.     

Your Bedroom

Much like the option to use nesting tables together as a side table for your living room couch or accent chair, these bad boys can also be used together to create a chic, space-saving bedside nightstand. I don't know about you, but I tend to keep a ton of little items on my nightstand and after a while it looks like a complete mess; things topple over all the time, there's always something spilling over the edge, and there's no flow to the table. Enter our space and style saving solution, a group of nesting tables. By slightly spacing them out you can create a tiered system of tabletop space and spread out or redesign all the stuff you had on your nightstand across multiple surfaces; it's just up to you and your eye to create a new flow once you have multiple tables and items to play with.

Another option for nesting tables in the bedroom? How about as a means to showcase any art, books, or decorative objects you have on hand (see image below)? Granted, you could totally do this in the living room (or entryway), but if you're like me you have more books, art pieces and objects than you do the space for them!  And anyway, what's wrong with thinking outside of the box for even a more private space? You'll likely end up with a far more interesting and inspiring bedroom. And if you're the type that spends a lot of time in your room, well, having a bit of chic inspiration in a corner wouldn't be too bad now, would it?   

IKEA Nesting tables used to showcase your knick knacks and artwork; Image via IKEA & Pinterest

IKEA Nesting tables used to showcase your knick knacks and artwork; Image via IKEA & Pinterest

Your Bathroom

Not sure if you saw this one coming, but the bathroom is actually a fantastic place to keep and use a set of nesting tables, especially if you're looking for a space-saving solution. If you opt for smaller, square nesting tables, you can probably find a corner in your bathroom to "store" them when they're not in direct use, showcasing them instead as part of the decor. However, if you're the type that, for example, likes to treat him or herself often, then consider nesting tables the perfect addition to your next in-home spa experience. You can use them as surfaces to lay out your spa-related accoutrements, or as a stool you can sit on while masking, or even as a side table for your bathtub, if you have one (just check it out below)! Again, the possibilities with these sets are endless - in function, configuration, and style - so please don't shy away from using them!  

A chic tub-side configuration; Image via Pinterest

A chic tub-side configuration; Image via Pinterest