Spaces Spotlight : A Renovated Penthouse in Miami

You guys, I think I'm in love. Well, okay, I am in love (IRL), but I may be emotionally cheating on my boyfriend with a newly renovated penthouse by the ever-inspiring design duo known as Avenue Lifestyle. Now, if you're an interior design junkie like I am and you haven't been following Avenue Lifestyle, well, you've seriously been missing out. Avenue Lifestyle is a creative interior design, styling and photography studio based in the Netherlands, and it's run by two incredibly gifted women - Holly Marder and Hedda Pier (if you want to read more about the ladies, check out this page)! Seriously, I aspire to one day be able to redesign and renovate spaces as beautifully and elegantly as they do.

Take one of their more recent renovation projects, for example, a penthouse in Miami that not only took them about a year and a half to complete, but also required that most of the work to be done while the ladies were across the world. According to their blog, Holly only visited Miami twice, once at the start of the project to meet with the contractor, and once at the end, to put the finishing touches on the place. Spearheaded by Holly, who took on the project prior to partnering with Hedda, the design team ultimately had to completely tear-out, renovate and redesign the two bedroom, three bath space, promising their client am unfussy, contemporary home with all the fixings (new furniture, design and lay-out advise, materials to kick of the renovation like flooring, tiles, paint, etc.). Definitely no small feat, but, boy, did these ladies knock it out of the park! The final result is open, airy, and incredibly well lit; and with a fresh earthy color palette of white, black and various shades brown, the new space maintains a classic feel, with a contemporary twist. One look at the new space and I'm ready to pack my things and move right on in (ughhhh, I wishhhh). 

Anyway, let's jump right on because the photos truly speak for themselves. But, if you're interested in seeing the before photos or reading/seeing more about exactly what Holly + Hedda did to the space (in their own words), make sure to check out their post here!

Living Area

Source:  Avenue Lifestyle

Source: Avenue Lifestyle


Dining area

Source:   Avenue Lifestyle